Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh no Papa, not this garbage can too!

It's a new year, but old habits die hard.

To my horror, I've realized that the garbage saga has gone on for over two years — almost as long as Papa has lived with me.

Once upon a time, I had a garbage can with a hinged lid. I took the trash out regularly — took it for granted, actually, the way most people do. But Pops figured out how to knock over the can and spread garbage around the kitchen and living room.

So I bought a new garbage can. With a hinged lid that would open when I stepped on the pedal — a nice feature that meant I didn't have to touch the lid.

Alas, Papa could remove garbage without knocking the entire can over — an accomplishment of physics, really.

I did wonder how she did it without getting her snout caught in the lid. And how long did it take to pull each of those branches out?

One more try. I thought this was it: the garbage can that would thwart Pops. It has handles that lock the bag into place.

But Papa can detach the lid and pull on the sides of the bag, flipping it inside out.

I doubt it was the smell of the Top Ramen and candy bar wrappers — both of which were empty, by the way — that drew Papa. She has always loved to shred stuff, even in her previous life.

I think I'll go back to one of the old cans. (Plus, it's hard to find eight-gallon bags.)

The bigger question is, of course: Do I try to change the garbage can or the dog? It's always easier to change a product than a personality.

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