Monday, September 16, 2013

The Boat of Us

Last week, Kelly invited us for drinks on her boat. It was absolutely lovely to have a glass of wine with friends. I enjoyed waving at everyone and taking photos like a Japanese tourist.

Because summer was so busy, I hadn't seen Kelly, Lisa, or Julia for months. We caught up about state league and about some of the strange bad luck we've been dealing with.

Kelly made a fantastic salad — she roasts the tomatoes herself, no shortcuts! — and there was plenty of cheese and crackers and homemade salsa. This is pretty par for the course for Kelly; she has hosted many nights of wine and food and sitting on the couch.

So, thank you for a really relaxing time. I'm working on getting my sea legs so I can dismount from the boat by myself (thanks, Julia, for the help). Even Lisa, who's on crutches, disembarked without incident.

Sail on, everyone! (But not in the "would you please just go away" Commodores way, of course. I mean in the nicest way possible.) Cheers.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oh no Papa, not more car hijinx!

When I pulled up to the vet's office last weekend, Papa tried to jump out of the car — from the front, which is a no-no.

She slipped trying to climb through to the back seat. Come on, Papa!

Another recent car incident: When Mom slammed on the brakes, Papa got tangled under the seat cover. She did manage to extricate herself by the time they got to their destination.

Papa, enough with the acting out in the car!