Monday, June 8, 2015

Farewell, Chewy

Yesterday I gave Chewy back to the rescue. When I checked in, the counselor summed up my challenges with her as "too much dog."

If you've met Choo, you know that she does indeed have a big personality.

She could open the gate and run full speed through the neighborhood. She'd only poop off-leash (including inside my parents' house). She tried to climb on top of whoever was petting her, even when corrected. "Relentless" is how Jane described her. Choo and I wrestled, sometimes literally, for dominance. For only 40 pounds, she is insanely strong. Too much dog.

So after obedience classes and many visits to the vet, I decided to give her up. She needs an alpha owner who can spend more time with her.

Goodbye, Choo. I miss you already. I miss your soft head and your love of Mr. Bill and the way you'd fall asleep when I pet your belly.

But because you're young, adorable, and sweet, you will make somebody a great companion. A perfect companion. For somebody, that lucky one, you will be exactly the right amount of dog. 

Oh good, Chewy, finally a collar that works!

The vet gave Chewy a soft blue collar, which she had to wear for two weeks. 

It worked! I'd keep flipping it back, but still, it did the job.

Maybe the real news isn't that the collar worked, but that Choo's surgery did. No more licking or scooting or strange contorting.

Oh happy spay!