Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green and gold get-together

Forest green isn’t my color. On Friday we wished that purple and berry were team colors, because then it’d be easy to dress for the occasion.

Still, yesterday’s Packer game was riveting.

Chris mixed up cosmos — the only Falcons-colored thing I consumed. I brought spinach dip and Katy’s lemon cupcakes (green and gold!) and parked in front of the kitchen TV with Mary, Carol, and Patty. Doug (who's a Vikings fan) and Hans (a Bears fan wearing a red pullover) didn't have anything invested in the game and wandered in occasionally. When we heard cheering from the living room, we knew when to watch the game on our TV.

In the fourth quarter, I asked, “Who’s the second quarterback?” (The answer I was looking for: Matt Flynn.)

Patty, with a straight face, said, “It’s the backup quarterback.”

Ah, who will provide such commentary when I'm on vacation during next Sunday’s game?

I’ll be thinking of everyone as they gather again at Chris’ house. We asked him not to move the living room chairs. Maybe everyone will bring the same food and wear the same clothes. Cheers to our green and gold!

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