Monday, February 27, 2012

Combo state playoffs

Our Le Club combo team competed at state playoffs this weekend. In the craziness, I didn't get any photos. (This one's from when we won our flight playoff at Highlander.)

Even though we're not advancing, there were many highlights this weekend:

• Patrice forgot her tennis skirt, then bought a black and green outfit without trying it on. I unknowingly bought the same outfit in red. We will look like Christmas if we ever wear them at the same time.

• Rocki's phone call to Ann, joking that she couldn't make it to her match on time.

• Kristen's reassurance during our first match: "You can't be that nervous. You held serve." Thanks, Kristen!

• Jane and Nora being down 9-8 in the super tiebreak (one point from losing the match). But then they won the next three points. Mental toughness!

• Lunch at Panera with Patrice, Kristen, Carol, Jill, and Cam.

• That Cam rolled bread into little balls and Jill sliced the brownie into tiny pieces so she could share with all of us.

• Kim's text: "I deserve to be there so play well." Followed by, "Ok — that message was supposed to read 'you' deserve to be there. How 'I' came up is weird but it is right next to the 'u'... I hate this phone. Good luck to all of 'u.'"

• Carol's one-handed backhand volley. Wish I could do that!

• Nora inviting us for a post-match glass of wine. Nora is always offering wine (and pizza).

• Saturday's victory dinner with Patrice and Tim at Mama Mia's.

• Trish and Patrice won all their matches. The entire season!

• Ann hugging us at the end of our matches. And one last time. "It was a good run," she said.

Cheers to my combo friends! I enjoyed all of the practices, pizzas, and playoff matches. I hope we can do it all again soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Putting the fun in fundraiser

Last night our tri-level team hosted an event at Moorland to raise money for our Nationals trip.

We set up fun activities: volleys, clocking serves, and hitting targets. Mary H., Lauren, and Jody, who aren't making the trip with us, came to play and help us out.

I worked the ball machine on court 4 and was awed by how good everyone’s ground strokes were. I got hit only a couple of times.

Char used the megaphone early and often but managed to not disturb Debbie’s six-week-old grandson. After the drills, she announced who had the fastest serve: Patrice's husband, Tim, at 98 miles per hour. Unreal!

The constant walking to retrieve balls worked up my appetite. While our guests played competitive mixed doubles, I grazed on veggies and dip, later moving on to lots of brown foods: wings, meatballs, chocolate mousse cake. Great job, Pam and Gina, with coordinating the food!

On to the raffle. I'm happy to say that my friends won the necklace, earrings, massage, tennis dress, three-month Highlander membership, and dinner prepared by a chef. Kevin, I'm sorry you didn't win the apple pie.

I feel very lucky, having a terrific partner and being on a winning team. Being around people who cheer us on makes it even better. Patrice and I were so touched by the support from our Highlander friends: Doug and Beth, Dan and Mary C., Ron and Jean, Colleen and Kevin, Tim, Terry, Chris, Fred, Mary A., and Carol came to play tennis and buy raffle tickets. Rick and Jess, thanks for donating to the cause. We hope to see you very soon.

Heartfelt thanks to all for sharing our love of tennis and reminding us what a great club we belong to.