Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello, snow!

It snowed for the first time this season, and I wished I could find my black ankle boots. Except Chewy destroyed them a few months ago.

So I still have cause to say "Oh no, Chewy."

Though it was hard to give Chewy back, I hope that whoever adopted her gave her a great name that she grew into, like Snuggles.

This weekend I dogsat for Cocoa, who's obedient and low key — so, not like Chewy (or Pops or Ginger, for that matter).

Cocoa's interests include burrowing in the snow and cuddling. She was a lovely houseguest.

And I bought some ankle boots, so the universe is as it should be. Well, almost. Having my own dog isn't in the cards right now, but I'm always happy to dogsit.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

G Phi, G Phi B reunion

Our sorority reunion really started Saturday afternoon, when Ruth and I looked at her old pictures.

Linda, Zoraya, and me
Exactly 22 years earlier, I'd given her a framed photo of us: She rocked a gold sequined dress and I wore a strapless leopard print with rhinestones.

Good times, wearing over-the-top dresses during the day.
On our drive to Berkeley, we talked about who had RSVP'ed and how much we admired Marjorie's genuine excitement at seeing everyone.

Marjo did not disappoint, starting with the pre-party in the hotel room she was sharing with Ginger. Every so often there'd be some shrieking when someone new arrived.

Linda and Nancy
Once we got to the reunion, it was hard to keep up with the wine and food because there was always someone to hug. At some point, Marjo announced, "Wasted!" and gave more hugs and kisses and squeezes to everyone.

I loved catching up with old roommates (I know "old" sounds bad, but I hate the formality of "former"): Merideth. Susanne. Liz, who reminded me of our post-college 1490 Sacramento apartment — and yes, I Googled it.

After the reunion, we did fit in some one-on-one time, marveling at who looks even younger than they did in college (Annie and Norene, are there hideous paintings in your attic?). Linda and Yvonne and Liz and Susanne, I'm so glad we got together.

It was great to be able to say, "I regret having lost touch with you" and then be able to pick right back up. After all this time, it's funny what we remember. I can remember who Susanne set me up with. Her, not so much: "Oh. He was nice."

me and Susanne
The reunion was a night of wonderful memories and horrible selfies. (I'd like to practice and get better at them, but who does that?)

Brenda, Zoraya, me, Liz Q., Alma, Kim, Anne, Ruth, and Carmen
I did miss talking to a few people — Brenda, Kim, and Erika, for starters. We will have to catch up another way. And I didn't get a chance to talk to Julie and Deanna, who arranged everything and got us all together. Thank you!

Let's do it all again soon.