Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh no, Chewy, not my only pair of black ankle boots!

Chewy pulled out a bit of zipper on one of my black boots. It was annoying but still wearable as long as I didn't try to zip it all the way up. But then I forgot to put the boots away, and she destroyed the heel.

Ah, Choo.

On the plus side, she's gotten really good at high fiving. We just need to find socially acceptable situations where she can do it.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oh no, Chewy, don't cry!

During Yukie's visit last week, Chewy napped on the bed and couch and armchair. Now my little snoozer likes to curl up between the pillow and headboard.

Her love of furniture does not include her crate. When I put treats — even special ones like the peanut butter Kong — there, she creeps closer but whimpers. Sometimes she runs out of the room.

We'll be working on a few things together at our dog manners class, and the crate is on my wish list. I'll need lots of positive reinforcement to encourage this. Lo and behold, Dana, Kelsey, and Lora threw a celebration in Chewy's honor, filled with treats, toys, and an adorable jar. I cried, it was so thoughtful.

My Chewlio Iglesias cried for different reasons. She's finding her voice — perhaps she is part hound?