Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two milestones: Ron and Jean's 60th

We celebrated Ron and Jean’s 60th birthdays at O’Donoghue’s on Saturday.

O’Donoghue’s is becoming one of my favorite places to hang out, even when I’m not eating fish fry. (Though, I was there for fish fry last Friday.)

During the party, I ran into Kelsey, Erin, Caitlin (Erin’s sister), and Colleen during one of their regular Odie’s outings. We talked 80s movies; their memories of Can’t Buy Me Love are surprisingly vivid. (Kelsey’s take: “And then, surprise! He gets arrogant.”)

Now back to the 60s: Ron showed off his “I have no idea what’s going on” t-shirt and Jean's message was “Damn, I make 60 look good.”

The karaoke festivities started with Ron’s version of “Bye Bye Love.” Then a group of tennis ladies (sans moi) sang “Dancing Queen,” “Bad Romance,” and another Lady Gaga tune that I can’t remember.

Beer flowed freely.

And there was jazz, caricatures, and magic, too — including the retrieval of a $20 bill from a lemon. And Shappy made an appearance, relinquishing the gnome after only one week. But such is the nature of the gnome — sometimes he takes long weekends, sometimes he gets comfortable in one place. (He stayed with Carol for a couple of years.)

After a night of buffalo tenders and cheese sticks washed down with Harp, it was time for cake in the shape of a tennis court. Chocolate with raspberry filling. Fried food and dessert — a winning combination from our friends.

Cheers to Ron and Jean — 120 is treating you well!

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