Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beer battered goodness

My friend Beth spends her Friday nights going to the gym and then a fish fry. She blogs about her weekly frys (fries?), sharing her thoughts about the food, service, and atmosphere. She also goes beyond the traditional beer-battered-cod-and-French-fries option.

I lack Beth’s methodological rigor but share her appreciation for the fry. With a fish fry and a beer, it’s hard to feel stressed about anything — even on a cold winter night. So this Friday, Ben and I went to O’Donoghue’s in Elm Grove.

I always get the beer-battered cod (though perch is also on the menu). It’s served piping hot — almost too hot to eat, which is fantastic. There’s nothing worse than soggy fried food (in the world of fish fry, I mean).

The crinkle-cut fries were also good (and ridiculously hot). But here’s the thing that just might elevate O’Donoghue’s above the rest: the bread.

Two marbled slices of rye, already buttered. We could not stop talking about it. Though it’s good manners to break off a small piece of bread and then butter it, wouldn’t the world be a better place if someone buttered our bread for us?

Being a creature of habit, I will likely forgo other respectable fish frys because I’m happy with O’Donoghue’s. But I’ll keep reading Beth’s blog, just in case.

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