Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting in shape, one decision at a time

Today I did a body sculpt class at Highlander.

Back in the 90's I used to love step aerobics, but now I'm more of an elliptical-machine user. I hadn’t taken an exercise class in years.

Until tonight.

I was on the elliptical — on my usual machine, where I like to wave to friends and chat so I don’t get too bored — when I saw Mary. She was heading to the class, and said it worked everything and didn’t require tons of coordination. Sounds perfect, right?

So I set myself up in the back of the gym.

Lunges, squats, more lunges and squats. Some with weights, some not — Gretchen kept us busy. When she smiled and said, “Nice job. Looking good!” I pretended she was talking to me.

I tried to balance with my two-pound weights while Mary — who used to play college basketball and throw bales of hay on her family’s farm — had no such problems.

I could not double-time the footwork on the step (though, yes, it would probably help me with my tennis footwork). And I opted for the girly pushups at the end of class.

The good news is, the class was really fun: just enough reps to feel the burn but not so many that it got boring. At least I did not spend the hour marching in place.

I also made a resolution: Until my birthday, I'm avoiding Boulder Junction. Though I once went there and had two potato skins and a La Croix, that is not my typical post-tennis fare. I am a pushover for the buckaroo platter (fried jalapeno poppers, fried mozzarella, fried zucchini, fried calamari). And why not have a second Newcastle?

Two small steps.


Mary Andrae said...

So proud of you girlfriend. You hung in there strong. I am here for you as we step, press and lunge our way to fitness. You did a great job.

Naomi said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to lurching — I mean, lunging — my way to fitness. See you on Monday!

Bethie said...

Naomi, you should try boot camp. I love it, it's my sanity these days. Hope you're well! :-)

Naomi said...

I am sore, but only when I move. It's to be expected after my hiatus from exercise!