Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three goodbyes in one week

I’m bidding farewell to three things I’ve really enjoyed.

1. Milk Duds. The chewiness that borders on choking hazard, the oddly crispy chocolate coating — oh Milk Duds, there's nothing else like you in the whole candy universe!

Unfortunately I was chomping on a Dud when it pulled the crown right off my bum tooth. The good news: my dentist reattached the crown in just a few minutes. The bad: I can no longer chew Milk Duds on the right side of my mouth.

So I'll try to chew them with the left side. Planning how to safely eat Milk Duds feels like a loss of innocence, though. If you can't be carefree when you're eating candy, when can you be?

2. FlashForward. Sure, I’ll miss 24 and Law & Order (and even Lost, when I could understand it). This has been a week of TV loss. But FlashForward's untimely demise troubles me...

Saturday morning I dreamed that it was April 29th and I was talking to Agents Benford and Noh. (They were FBI agents, not actors, in my dream.) Sitting on my couch, they were relaxed and friendly but couldn’t tell me whether everything turned out okay.

Apparently the finale will not answer all of my questions either. Now I will never know the future. Oh, Noh!

3. Permanent court time. Though there will always be more tennis, it won’t be with this exact group, on Thursdays from 7:30 to 9, with our little quirks: Linda bringing string cheese, Lori using words like "denouement," Tara crumpling over when she hits a ball into the net, Amy showing up even when she’s not scheduled.

As Lori put it, “The band is breaking up.” Sigh.

I'll be playing tennis with a different group next fall — so at least I won't be sitting on my couch on Thursday nights eating soft chocolates and watching bad TV. Because that would be depressing.


Jean said...

This is a truly great commentary on LIFE. You didn't leave a thing out!

I love this! It's classic Naomi.

Thanks for being you.

xox jean

Naomi said...

Oh, Jean, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my thoughts on life (or my lack of one)!

Mary said...

Hi Ash. I feel your pain, literally. My crown came off at the hands of a piece of chewy candy from our youth, but my culprit was a Bit 'o Honey.

Naomi said...

Oh, Bit O Honeys are sooooo good. Another candy you can't eat quickly.... Do they still make the large bars with the pieces you break off?

I also love Mary Janes. And Sugar Babies and frozen Junior Mints (but *never* Junior Caramels). When I was a kid my favorite was the Marathon bar. Also bad for the teeth. :(