Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gone, Bucks, gone

Now that the Hawks have won Game 7, my excitement about the Bucks seems even more like yesterday's news.

But when I took these photos around 6 p.m. Friday, Jean, Carol, Addie, and I still thought the Bucks would win the series. Addie and I even talked about whether we would be buying new playoff t-shirts.

I had cheese sticks to calm my pre-game jitters, but I was too nervous to get a good shot of Jerry Stackhouse singing the national anthem. I don't handle high-pressure moments as well as Stack (or Mike Bibby, for that matter). To see the crowd appreciating his talents was truly a high point in the evening.

Alas, I'll be watching the rest of the playoffs on TV. But it was fun, for a few hours on Friday, to believe in the possibilities.

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