Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye, Yoshi

Yoshi, my sister’s Siamese cat, died today. She had an asthma attack and got some cortisone shots at the vet, but she was 15 and maybe not looking forward to getting more shots.

In her heyday Yoshi loved many things: tuna, ice cream, apples, Twizzlers. She also enjoyed burrowing under blankets, hiding in boxes, and spending time at Camp Best Friend, where she could climb logs and hang out with staffers dressed in Bermuda shorts.

I got to know Yoshi when Yukie and I lived together in L.A. Though I'm more of a dog person, "Yoshinoya Beef Bowl" won me over with her friendliness and lack of pretense.

Of course she could be hard to read at times. After all, “meh” sounds a lot like “yeah.” But she was a good conversationalist and a good friend.

We’ll miss you, Yoshi.


Yukie said...

Thanks for the post. Yoshi was the best cat in the entire world.

Naomi said...

She was. Yoshimon and Mikachu were good roommates!

Willie said...

Sorry to hear about Yukie's loss. It's tough to lose an old friend. As you know, Naomi, my pal Beaucat is 17 now and I dread the moment when he has to go.