Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh no Papa, you're back!

Last week, Linda and I took Montana (her black Lab) and Papa for a walk.

The bigger dog is Joe, our friend Sandy’s dog that Linda was dogsitting. A bit about Linda: she loves dogs. Really loves them. They know this and gravitate to her — in fact, just a couple of weeks ago, a stray beagle came to her back door, darted through the house, and waited for her to call his owners. (And no, he did not live in the neighborhood.)

Anyway, when I asked what kind of dog Joe was, Linda said, “Sir Pants A Lot is an elderly smooth collie. He looks sort of like Richard Gere. I think he has a touch of dementia but he's very sweet. Walks tend to take a long time, I have trouble downshifting to keep in step with him.”

Sir Pants was indeed a slow walker (but a lovely fellow) — so we took a second walk while he rested. Papa did great. And here she is kissing Joe. Good times.

And now on to the "Oh, no" portion of the post. Which, let me reassure you, has nothing to do with walking the dogs. I just wanted to post some pretty photos.

I know that two weeks ago, I said that “Oh no, Papa!” was going on hiatus. Well, Papa must have been upset with the lack of blogtastic attention, because yesterday I came home to find that she had peed on my bed.

Oh no, Papa!

At least I’m sparing all of you the photo. You'll just have to believe that it's true.


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