Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stick pearl earrings in 2010 calendar

It’s probably a bit early to shill for calendars, but I wanted to show you my stick pearl earrings — they’re appearing on the May 20th page of the Beading Bead-a-Day Calendar for 2010. I designed the earrings two years ago and thought the calendar would be a nice opportunity to showcase them.

These earrings aren't a typical design for me. I tend to prefer symmetry, so it was a stretch to try an organic style. But I like how they're really lightweight even though they're huge.

I'd like to make a pair in silver, too. Diagonally drilled stick pearls can be hard to find — the shape just isn't that common. I should probably check Eclectica first (that's where I found the purple strand).

It's satisfying to see my design in print after all this time. And many thanks to Bill Zuback, who shot the earrings and these photos, too. These images are way better than what I can shoot with my old digital camera.

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michelle said...

The calendar looks really cool. It was not what I was picturing--I don't know what I was picturing! It turned out great. And I love the stick pearl mobiles.