Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friends and family (or Nationals, Day 2)

Today was overcast but we managed to get our matches in before the rain.

Captain Char said that if the Missouri team swept us, they'd be in the running to win the flight (and advance to the finals).

Even though the late-morning weather was mild and the winds almost non-existent, Team Noonimoto had a tough time with the St. Louis ladies.

They came out strong.

They were tough.

I thought about what Barry said yesterday, about how it would be great if you could make all your mistakes in one game. Unfortunately I felt like I found new and unusual ways to make mistakes (short lobs, tentative backhands). Our opponents were very adept with getting in and volleying winners, as well as with keeping shots in play from the baseline.

We lost 6-3, 6-2.

But it was comforting to know our friends and family were there. Tim, Charlotte, Yvonne, and Gina, you've been unwavering in your support. After a match, consolation means just as much as congratulations. Thank you for staying!

And Yukie and Joel, it was so nice to see both of you. (Joel came from San Diego, braving fog, high winds, and mountainous driving with a new transmission and gently used battery.) Your company and the shrimp tacos at Don Diego's helped mitigate the pain of losing.

Regarding the results, our 4.5 team lost. Our 4.0 team lost in a super tiebreak, 10-8. Tune in to see what happened next.

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