Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating Papa's 12th birthday

We took Papa to the vet on Saturday. He gave her an antibiotic but thought her troubles were more a case of anxiety.


In honor of her birthday, my parents bought a seat cover for the car. Pops likes gifts she can eat, but she also has a great time shredding wrapping paper. They stopped her when she punctured the box.

She's doing much better now, so I let her play with her birthday gift: a rubber barbell filled with treats. (Instead of new chewy treats, I stuck with biscuits that don't upset her stomach.)

What a toy!

She dropped it and picked it up, ran around with it, and tried to chew the ends. Sometimes she looked dejected, pushing it away.

She could not open it. And this morning, the treats caught in the middle of the tube were still there.

Game on, Pops!

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