Wednesday, July 7, 2010

34 games and more

At one point tonight, our teams were tied. Two Highlander tennis teams, two wins each.

Patrice and I, because we were the last court to finish, got to play the deciding match. Against Beth and Gail.

Why the pause? Because they are both good tennis players. And also runners. Major, hardcore, miles-and-miles-at-a-time runners.

I wish this story had a “triumph when the pressure’s on” ending. (Actually, we didn’t know the team results during our match. There was sufficient pressure without that.)

But alas, after two hours and 45 minutes, they won: 3-6, 7-6, 7-5.

I have to admit, it was hard to lose, especially when it was so close. It was also hard to not fixate on the overhead I hit long late in the match, or the easy backhand I tanked in the last game, or the 3-0 lead we blew in the third set. Moments that any player would like to forget.

But then we came off the court and Jan, Sandy, Marilee, Colleen, Carol, and Lisa high-fived us. Kevin and Chris had come to cheer us on, too. We all ate tacos together.

It’s easy to love a winner. But when you don’t win, to hear your teammates say “Great match!” — to know they understand you gave it your best effort — makes it feel wonderful to be a non-winner.

So thank you to Patrice, who is a great partner in any situation; Beth and Gail, who are fierce competitors and gracious winners; our teammates who showered us with appreciation; and our friends who didn’t play but came to support us anyway, win or lose. You are all awesome. Go team!

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