Sunday, July 18, 2010


Though I played tennis this weekend, I spent most of my time sitting. That’s what happens when the weather hits the high 80’s. Bleh.

Yesterday Christa and I had lunch at Pizzeria Piccola (part of my Tosa repatriation). We sat inside.

Later I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Carol. Because we missed the beginning (two minutes? twenty minutes?), she had to explain the concept of the magic pants.

Speaking of pants, Pops has been making lots of noise while she sleeps. She hasn’t figured out that she’d be cooler if she weren’t leaning against me while she slept.

Today Kristin and I got Laika and Pops together for a playdate, but we spent most of the time eating cherries and talking. Inside. The canine cousins did spend a few minutes romping around outside — Pops ran herself ragged with the Frisbee — and then they enjoyed some Frosty Paws.

The good news: Pops' reign of terror has come to a temporary halt. As if it's too hot for her to be naughty. Or maybe it's just too hot for me to blog.

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