Monday, July 5, 2010

Newfound independence

This holiday weekend, there were many things to celebrate: grilled meats (hot dogs, brats, Italian sausages, chicken wings); kids hurling water balloons; our Kalmbach friend JT getting a new job.

But tonight, with my tennis pals Chris, Carol, Mary A., Fred, Mary E., and Rick, I celebrated a truly historic moment: the smoking ban going into effect in Wisconsin.

We ate quesadillas, potato skins, and nachos at Boulder Junction. In a smoke-free environment!

This really is a big deal. Never again will my eyes water at a happy hour. Never again will I have to air out my winter jacket after a few hours at a bar. And the best thing: Never again will I go to sleep with stinky hair.

I'm free!

If you live in Wisconsin, I hope you made a big deal about this delightful turn of events, too.

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