Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh no, Mr. Tippy!

Hal has a rabbit named Peter Tippy. Here's how he describes him:

“The pads of his feet are gray, which makes him look like he’s wearing little slippers. He loves to eat dandelions.”

Mr. Tippy also seems to enjoy books and looking like an adorable butterball.

But do you see the gleam in his eye?

On a regular basis, he bites Hal — and only Hal. Why bite the hand that feeds (while being fed, no less)?

It's a mystery. Oh no, Mr Tippy.


mkemst said...

I think Lilly would eat Mr. Tippy. :) How are things??

Naomi said...

Oh, Lilly. :) Things are good here, though Pops did something interesting with chocolate-covered almonds. Post to come next week....