Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beth and the gnome

Yesterday we celebrated Beth’s 50th birthday. Gail and Jim, Beth and Doug's neighbors, hosted a shindig at their house. They roasted chickens on a spit and served up frozen margaritas poolside while their very large dog, Gus, looked on but did not eat the chickens.

After dinner, Doug cranked up the Lady Gaga for the gift opening. The pageantry started with a boa and tiara from the ladies in the neighborhood. Like Beth, they're avid runners, so they also put together a footcare-themed gift. (I loved the nail clippers with the attached magnifying glass.)

I wanted to make her a piece of jewelry and decided on a bracelet with 50 beads. Doug gave me the idea for the palette; he said she likes blue, purple, and magenta, “the way the clouds look at sunset.” I like these berry shades, too — or as Beth calls them, “bruise colors.”

Marilee also presented the gnome. He has traveled a lot (and has even been to a Brewer game). Whether he gets passed along quietly or amid fanfare, his handlers always make sure he shows up at his scheduled appearances. Colleen pointed out that he's actually a statue of one of the Marx brothers (Harpo, I think, not Karl) — but everyone refers to him as “the gnome.” It seems fitting.

It was a really fun night, hanging out with the tennis gang and Beth's neighbors. Good food, good people, and perfect summer weather before a night of thunderstorms.

Cheers to Beth!

P.S. The photo of Doug and Beth is a late addition. The evening was a flurry of movement, and Doug felt that his photographic likeness should be included. So here he is. (Sorry Doug, the other photo is of the back of your head.)

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