Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's just how I thought it would be.

Katie and I were sorority sisters, and through Facebook, we reconnected and arranged to have dinner when I was in New York.

When I knocked on the door of their apartment, I heard a screech. It was Emmett, Katie and Peter’s 3-year-old son. He loves having company, has brown curly hair, and can say, “I gorgeous.”

While Emmett watched The Iron Giant and ate carrots and hummus, Katie and I caught up about the last 16 years. We also talked about the details of her 21st birthday (which are still surprisingly vivid), who we’ve kept in touch with, and who we haven’t kept in touch with. Peter said “That was 20 years ago!” only a couple of times.

Incidentally, I still remember the titles we gave the memoirs we had jokingly said we'd write. Hers: It’s Just How I Thought It Would Be. Mine: Oh, I Understand Now. We’ve realized how cynical and naïve (respectively) those titles are. But there's also a little bit of truth to them. In a good way, of course!

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