Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New York hotels (and being a satisficer)

I'll be in New York at the end of the week. As usual, I deliberated about where to stay.

But I’m trusting TripAdvisor: the reviewers rated the hotel where I'm staying one of the top 30 in the city.

I am really trying to be a satisficer about this decision.

Which is a challenge for me, as I tend to approach even tiny decisions with the passion of a maximizer.

Sometimes I wish the Internet didn't exist. Because then the main venue for my exhaustive, exhausting research would be gone. And I would not know about all the great deals and fantastic service that other people got, that maybe I could have gotten had I looked into it a bit more.

This weekend, I won’t be having complimentary wine and cheese or cookies or apples or a fancy continental breakfast. Nor will I be hanging out at a rooftop bar with young, hip guests.

But if all goes well, I will be sleeping in a clean, quiet room, and the hotel will just be part of the background on an exhilarating trip. That's the thing about New York: I have never had a bad time there. So I can be a satisficer about the city, if not its hotels.

See you in the Big Apple!

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