Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More hair

On Monday, Erin and I (along with Cathy and Kelsey) met up at Stir Crazy for dinner. Here we are with a copy of the November issue, our regular BeadStyle prop.

We first started noting our progress in July, so this seems like a natural place to keep track of our trials and tribulations (or mine, at least).

Watching hair grow might be about as interesting as watching paint dry. Still, we could use the encouragement. I'm not as good-natured about this as Erin is.


michelle said...

Encouragement! That was my word of encouragement, aren't I punny?! Yeah, I know. Not so much. :)

Seriously, it looks great. And you could try out some interesting up-dos that normally wouldn't be an option--the clover-leaf bun?!

Naomi said...

Must google this "clover-leaf bun." Sounds intriguing!