Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pricey ping pong paddles

In my previous post, I shared my ambivalence about replacing the old with the new.

Even though I’m no early adopter, I have to admit that this new development in the ping pong world fascinated me:

Brodmann Blades. Fancy schmancy ping pong paddles.

I wonder how well these mitts work. (If you aren't coordinated enough to play ping pong, is the equipment really the problem?)

If these blades (blades!) don't suit you, you could also spend a couple hundred bucks on a Butterfly paddle that offers springiness and shock absorption.

At that point, though, they are no longer paddles. They are table tennis racquets. Why does everything need to be so complicated?


suejayne said...

So, let me get this straight. A more ergonomic paddle makes for more intuitive play? Hmm, sounds yin-yangy to me. And for $100, that better be a heap 'o' yin and yang.

Naomi said...

$100/pair takes it out of the realm of basement fun, too. I want it to remain an Everyman sport.

Plus, gripping a paddle and swinging it seems as intuitive as it could get.