Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wanna be grillin' somethin'

Ron, a friend from tennis, hosts an annual pig roast. This year’s theme: Griller, a spoof of Thriller. Here's the King of Chops with the bejeweled oven mitt I made him.

After getting a tour of Ronnieland, I settled in with a pulled pork sandwich and played blackjack with Christa, Marilee, Brad, Betty, Milo, and Dave.

Maybe it was the effect of my supersized Jack and Coke, but our table was a blast, filled with tiny bets and big emotions. And the dealer was really helpful. He gave us tips about how to play — most of which I won’t retain because I love the exhilaration of playing as if no one else’s cards are relevant. I know, it’s not a good strategy.

When the tables closed, we exchanged our chips for raffle tickets. Then Jean announced the winning tickets and Ron awarded Mike-themed prizes: a box of Life cereal, a Thriller poster, a Michael Bublé CD. It got dark outside (hard to see), so Colleen offered to read the winning numbers for the last raffle prize — which, suspiciously, she won. Oh, what some people will do for a Michael J. Fox movie collection.

Good food, live music, and gambling: Ron's bash was a fitting end-of-summer hurrah. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year.

PS: "Wanna Be Grillin' Somethin'" is not my intellectual property. Ron came up with that.


Mary said...

Awesome oven mitt N! Very creative.

Naomi said...

Thanks, Mary Kate! If only there were a future in bejeweling...

liverpool said...

Hi Naomi, I am Jessica, and I came across the lace ribbon ornaments in this months Bead Style magazine. OH NAOMI YOU OUTDID YOURSELF! These are loverrrrley! I am in my late seventies Naomi so it takes some doing to get MY interest in something.You did it though! And now would you be so kind as to tell me the colors you used in those demo's and, if the the ribbon was stiff or soft befor you used the stiffener? please. I am so anxious to make these and I need to buy the supplies so, I wonder if you would be a Dear and reply when ever you can spare a moment in that HUGE schedule you have. Thank you. Most sincerely Jessica.

Naomi said...

Jessica, thanks for the compliments about the ornaments. I'm glad you like them! In the instructions, I used 6 mm-width wire mesh ribbon in rose gold (for the larger flower) and brown (for the smaller flower). I bought my wire mesh at Eclectica, 262.641.0910 (they do mail order). Also, the flower was still soft before I sprayed the stiffener.

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to contact me at nfujimotoATbeadstylemagDOTcom if you need more information. Thanks!