Friday, August 31, 2007

Stick pearl earrings

I'm laboring through my designer's block. So many options: How many pearls should I use? Should I add a crystal drop at the bottom? And, what color beads at the top? String them on flexible beading wire or 26-gauge sterling silver wire? Decorative or plain earring wires?

Not surprisingly, almost every decision ended at the simplest point: 15 pearls — enough to splay out dramatically. No crystal drop — too fancy for the organic look I was going for. Just two amethyst chips up top, to set the stage for the irregular pearls. Strung on 26-gauge wire (wire wraps good, crimped beading wire not so good, even with a crimp cover). Handmade earring wires with a 4mm amethyst bicone crystal to highlight the color of the pearls.

Yes, it took me several hours to design earrings that you can make in under 15 minutes. Such is the ugly underbelly of the jewelry design process, that creativity takes work. But, I'm happy with the results. The earrings look awesome when I put them on!

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ps: Hope you are well. I wantd to let you know I have become a "vine voice reviewer for Amazon. This means they pay special attention to my reviews and usually put them right up at the top and/or spotlight them! :)