Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh no, Papa, not the cookies!

My mom dropped off some homemade chocolate chip cookies. When I left the house, Papa took the sealed baggie from the dining room table and ate them. Say it with me: "Oh no, Papa!"

She seems to enjoy shredding the plastic that food is stored in, whether it's a Ziploc or a pasta container or Tupperware.

Sometimes she will work for food, sometimes not. Note the orange treat ball nearby. I have also noticed that she likes to play with the treat ball right after she eats her breakfast or dinner. She must really be drawn to the smells trapped in plastic.

But here's another twist: she doesn't always eat what's in the containers — e.g., she's brought bread and packages of noodles from my parents' kitchen into their living room and not eaten or shredded them. It's almost as if she just plays with (flings?) them, like the spices. What’s going on, Papa?

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