Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Less TV, more writing

I’ve been thinking about two things: TV and writing.

I may have mentioned my pledge to give up TV. This isn’t just some attempt to outlast those who survived National TV-Turnoff Week (April 20–26). I gave it up in the hopes of gaining results in other areas of my life: namely, eating healthier and sleeping better.

What do I do instead of watching TV? I try to stay out of the house at night. I’ve been playing tennis, going out to dinner, and participating in a book club. (Fortunately, the reading and the discussion both require evening time.)

But the allure of TV is just too strong. And not just because Rick Fox was on The Game, as himself.

Two weeks ago, I watched only the last ten minutes of Brothers & Sisters. But Sunday, I watched the whole episode. It could be worse, you say? My real weakness is watching Greek on my computer. I’ve had to register and join viewing parties to do it, but I’ve made the sacrifice. Drinking tea and eating cookies, with Papa napping at my feet, what could be better?

Except, maybe, writing. I’m not the next James Poniewozik, so becoming an expert on TV doesn’t hold much of a future for me.

Instead, I’ve set a goal of writing every day this month. I was inspired by David Brooks’ editorial about the cultivation of genius: “The primary trait she possesses is not some mysterious genius. It’s the ability to develop a deliberate, strenuous and boring practice routine.” So I’m trying to start with a regular, if not strenuous, writing routine. Wish me luck on my 10,000 hours. There should be more time now that I’m caught up with Greek.


Bill Zuback said...

What adds to the difficulty of this goal is that in social settings and at the office, conversation often involves discussion about specific TV programs.

Naomi said...

So true. I've had conversations about Intervention, Celebrity Rehab, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewives of NYC — and I don't even have cable. And I didn't notice how much I watched reality TV until I made that list!

mkemst said...

Hi Naomi! Denise sent me a link to your blog (I hope you don't mind, as it IS on the worldwide web). I only have read the most recent 2 posts but I have to tell you, one - I am dog sitting my sister's 14 year old golden along along with my Lilly and I can empathize with your misadventures in babysitting, and two-I read the NY Times article on cultivating a genius and can't wait to share the "boring practice" part with some coworkers and students at school.

I hope things are going well. Maybe Denise and I can tear you away from your writing some warm night and meet out for a mild girls' night out. I always enjoy your company, although I do admit I find the "I HEART MENSA" t-shirt a little intimidating.

To quote a 1970's inspirational poster in my classroom, "WRITE ON!"


Naomi said...

Write on! Love it. Yes, I'd love to get together with you and D. And I'll try not to wear the Mensa shirt. (Um, I only wear it for Mensa events....)

Anonymous said...

Naomi, speaking of writing, I just published a review of your Cool Jewels book! It's at http://hubpages.com/hub/Cool-Jewels--Jewelry-Book-Review
I do hope you like it! Teri

Naomi said...

Teri, it looks like you enjoy both jewelry and reviewing books about jewelry. Thanks for reading Cool Jewels!