Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh no, Papa! Not the honey, Honey.

The day after the paprika incident, I came home to paprika (in a jar this time), pepper, curry, lavender, and thyme on the living room floor. Papa had simply brought the jars from the kitchen to the living room. However, check out the bottom of the photo: she also chewed the cap from a plastic container of honey and licked the inside.

She did leave one spice jar in the kitchen rack: the ginger. Oh, the Ginger. Is it symbolic? What is it, Lassie?

The good news: no new stains. The bad news: after my multiple approaches to last week's stain, the carpet is now bleached — and only slightly less unsightly than in the photo. Oh no, Papa.

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Bill Zuback said...

You have one very naughty dog.