Friday, May 22, 2009

Keshi pearl necklace

My necklace is on the cover of the July 2009 issue of BeadStyle. It's an honor. And pressure, too. Even though stuff beyond my control — like the cover lines, the competition, etc. — has an impact on newsstand sales, I feel like the main image is what sells the magazine.

About the necklace: I bought the pearls at the JANY show from Lucky Gems. They carry unusual shapes, colors, and sizes (check out their dancing squares, for example). I'm all about the supplies — my approach is to start with the best gemstones I can get my hands on. I suppose everyone says that, but if you've ever been with me as I deliberated over a strand of gemstones, eyeing individual beads, you've seen how my mind works. I liked the luminescent pinks and blues in these pearls, which are the size of large cornflakes.

I got some design help from Jane, who talked me through my crystal quandaries (bicones or rounds? pinks or blues? matching or complementary?). She also helped me figure out which cones to use and gave me a thumbs-up on the chain I picked for the bracelet. You can find instructions for the projects (as well as for two earring options) in the magazine.


suejayne said...

Way to go, Naomi! Just make sure Papa doesn't get her paws on this.

michelle said...

It looks beautiful. I love the little flashes of color from the crystals, and the pearls are so unusual. Great design and execution.