Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures in doggysitting: Attila

I dogsat my friend Suzanne's basset hound last week. It did not go as smoothly as I expected.

Attila wailed and sighed, frequently, at things I couldn't always identify. Papa seemed to take it in stride, napping as usual, while I just felt inadequate. Here's my photo essay of the weekend: First, they look like they're almost at a meeting of the minds. Then, they give up, hiding or turning away. And finally, Attila moves to another chair. Doesn't she look lonesome?

She did like snuggles, so I tried to give her some lovins. I think she missed Suzanne A LOT. I returned her on Sunday, and she was apparently "an angel."

Papa was well behaved (no incidents while Tilla stayed with us). However, she's been rearranging food at my parents' house, putting bread and packages of noodles on the floor (but not eating them). She did eat a bar of soap and a sleeve of saltines. The crackers, she ate sloppily, leaving crumbs all over. Hilarious, Papa. I think she's trying to figure out what happened to her routine.


suejayne said...

I recently dogsat my neighbor's schipperke, who loves me when I'm at THEIR house, but wasn't too keen on being in mine for 10 days.

She paced in huge circles and licked my elbows as I did my ab workout. Now that she's back home, though, she's back to lovin' me. Go figure?!

Oh, and Attila the basset hound? Ya gotta love that name!

Naomi said...

Ah, dogs. Ginger used to bug me when I did yoga (I think she liked the sticky mat).

Ten days is a long time. Or maybe your schipperke friend is just exceptionally loyal to her owner.

lkm said...

Hi Naomi! I missed you as my second Mediabistro class is not very active as far as posting writing or commenting! You were great at both. So I looked up your blog.

Is Papa a border collie or some kind of collie mix? Tess, my new pup, seems to be primarily australian shepherd. She's digging a lot of holes in the yard and garden but besides that, nothing too bad going on. Of course, I crate her and her big (smaller in size though) brother when I'm out. Thanks for the dog news!

Naomi said...

Hey, that's a bummer about the class. That's always frustrating when you feel like you're giving a lot more than you're getting back.

Papa is a border collie/lab mix. She isn't much of a digger (more a "shredder," I'd say). That's great that Tess is good, minus the digging!

Jean said...

This behavior, the behavior of dogs(and all animals), is so interesting to me!
Have you ever read Farley Mowat's classic book Never Cry Wolf?, and his geat story, the Dog Who Wouldn't Be? He taught me so much about dogs! I think he was one of was my main sources of information, other than our family dog, for a long time. I loved his writing. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Naomi said...

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be looks really fun... Mutt sounds like Papa!