Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another bedroom redesign

Yesterday I went to Sherwin Williams to gather ideas and paint chips for the guest bedroom. I'm exploring my color options. Eggplant? Midnight blue? Deep periwinkle? Berry? Just not Verve Violet (fuchsia), which would be too much like the master bedroom.

The bedroom will also require new bedding and pillows and light fixtures. And it’s desperately in need of a dresser. Again I’m back to the same questions as when I redesigned the master bedroom. Do I get the duvet cover first, because it's harder to find? And should I go with a print or a plain, high thread-count cotton?

Some backstory: when I first bought my house, I didn’t know how I wanted to use this room. I had competing visions of an office, library, and spare bedroom. Now that I have a laptop, I don’t need to use the room as an office. And bookshelves in the bedroom is bad feng shui, apparently. Now that I can finally commit to the purpose of the room (sleep!), I'm ready to paint over the icy blue that's on the walls.

More to come on this. I still need to collect paint chips from Benjamin Moore...

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