Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My bedroom redesign, still

Here's a view of my newly painted bedroom: I love it! And check out the merlot-colored duvet cover, didn't that work out perfectly? I rearranged the furniture (the bed is in a different place), and it's helping me sleep better. Now I wake up to a more expansive view of my room.

My dog, Ginger, is still adjusting to the new arrangement. Usually, she sleeps in my room, but occasionally she likes to get settled in her crate and then come upstairs in the wee hours. Since I shut the door when I go to bed, she now has to bang her way in. She is smart enough to do this, but it never fails to scare me. We'll need to work on that. This is a new thing, sleeping with the door closed. It's all about the feng shui. I could probably say something about the metaphor of open vs. closed doors, but the insight eludes me. By the way, I'm still in the process of decorating. My friends Denise and Jeremy are going to help me assemble my new bed (which is now strewn about in the adjacent attic room) and Nameless is bugging me about gold accents, but this is all a work in progress.

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Jean said...

this is STUNNING!
love the story about your doggie!