Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday stuff

I had a busy weekend celebrating my birthday. After Thursday's smoky Sluggo's revelry, I took Friday off. Yesterday, I ate broccoli and burgers at Elsa's with Katy and Sarah, my childhood pals (we've known each other for over 30 years!). After that, we had dessert while they worked on German paper stars. Katy talked about collars and the numbers 3 and 12 while Papa and I respectfully kept our distance.

Finally, tonight, I went to dinner with my parents. I had fried food for the third time in a week! (Though, that might explain why I'm so tired.) I hope your weekend was also filled with friends and french fries — and puppies and babies and a new pair of shoes!


michelle said...

Glad you had excellent birthday outings. :) Sluggo's was good fun! Glad you got to spend quality time with Katy and Sarah. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

My weekend was filled with babies... little plastic ones. And yours??? ;)

Sarah said...

Too bad we can't teach Papa to take a picture so it could have been the three of us! Work on it for the next visit! :) So good seeing you.
Can't wait to ready your latest essay!