Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coach Wooden

Of course I didn't know him, but didn't John Wooden feel a bit like he was everyone's coach?

Now, with his passing, I'm taking the time to find out more about him. I just checked out the Pyramid of Success on his website.

The most inspirational building block? Intentness.

John Wooden started coaching at UCLA in 1948. He said that they worked hard each hour, day, week, and season — and didn’t win a championship the first 14 years. But then they won in the 15th year. And the 16th, and eight more times in the next ten years.

I never knew this, that it took a long time for him to achieve success as measured by championships. I’d thought of him as someone who always had the results. Then again, he didn’t seem like he defined success only in terms of wins.

Wooden said, “Intentness doesn’t involve wanting something. It involves doing something often for a very long time.” That seems like a good thought for the season, and beyond.

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