Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bead and Button Show: Soldering, shopping, and socializing

My Bead and Button Show week was something of a blur.

It started with Kim St. Jean’s Three Ring Circus class. Kim knows how to explain the physics of soldering in a fun and low-key way — she's a great teacher. Can you believe I soldered earrings, a bangle, and a worry ring in just a few hours?

Throughout the week, I shopped: metal flowers, Lucite flowers, chain, handmade polymer clay beads from Heather Powers — she brought one gnome, and I got him!, silver squares from Ands Silver.

(A brief sidebar: I'm not very good at thinking in grams, so if you have any tips on how to guesstimate weight when buying Thai silver, let me know. This would be a helpful skill to have.)

I also had time for fun stuff like dinner with Steven James. We've been friends since his Beadissimo days, and it was nice to catch up over burgers at Elsa's. Steven taught four classes and still had time to play with Papa and help me make earrings for my demo.

Sunday morning I met up with Kirsten (who, by the way, always has cool chain at Kipuka Trading). We had coffee at Starbucks while Yeshi relaxed in his rolling bag. He likes to chortle — maybe to show off his adorable underbite. He was totally at ease on the show floor, curling up and napping through the noise and activity.

It was a busy, productive week. Now, though, I'm ready for some rest!

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