Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hart Fest

On Saturday, Addie and I served beer at Hart Fest. When we started our shift, the sun was shining and the crowd was mellow — mostly families and people with dogs.

The night was by turns fun and harrowing: the spillover from the foamy High Life made for challenging maneuvering to the cash drawer. But our crew of Tosa East grads, parents, and teachers laughed it off.

By the time Addie and I left (11:00? 11:30?), we had mud- and beer-crusted feet. And we hadn't actually drunk any beer.

Also, Scott tried to give my XL t-shirt a Def Leppard look by cutting holes in it.

“You’ll get at least three or four compliments on that,” he said.

He was wrong.


Addie said...

What a fun time, Naomi. And such a perfect day for it! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

P.S. I give you beer toes...

Naomi said...

Your photo is haunting.

But yes, a very fun time. My feet and I are recovering nicely.