Thursday, June 24, 2010

Steven James is saving our oceans

I wanted to give kudos to my friend Steven James: He’s a finalist in the Save My Oceans plastic upcycle contest.

For his winning entry, he made beads from plastic two-liter bottles — a toaster oven was also involved — and strung them in this bracelet. It's both ocean-friendly and reminiscent of the ocean. Nice!

Though they weren't entries in the contest, I also love the rings he made from bottle caps.

Steven is always doing creative projects (like making a lampshade from slides), so it's no surprise that the Craft crew is giving him recognition for his MacGyvering. Check out his Flickr photos for more backstory on how he comes up with these ideas.

By the way, he also loves dogs and their hijinx. Here's a Pez dispenser he rehabbed after Spoon did a number on it. (What is it with dogs and plastic?)

Anyway. A hearty congrats, Steven! You're my favorite upcycler — you really know how to turn everyday stuff into something beautiful.

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