Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steve Byrne

For my next story, I'll be chatting with Steve Byrne and going to the taping of his next Comedy Central special, "The Byrne Identity."

I've got my list of questions, but I'm also asking you: What would you want to know about him?

By the way, here's one of my favorite PG-rated bits — about being Asian, of course.


Jane Konkel said...

I would like to know when it occurred to him that he was funny?

Were his parents disappointed that he chose comedy as a career?

What advice does he have for my very funny 15 year old son who talks about doing stand up?

Is he always on, or does he know how to relax around friends?

Naomi said...

Ah, parental disappointment — always a question in Asian families. ;) Thanks for the great ideas!

Jeremy said...

Which comedians have influenced his work?

As a minority comedian, does he feel the ethnic-based humor presents a danger of becoming a crutch for laughs? How does he balance his routine so he doesn't become a one-note stand-up?

As a comedian that isn't a widely recognizable (yet), social media continues to help get his name out there. Is he worried that after he has achieve name-recognition, that these outlets will hamper his income, as his popularity grows? Such as those who won't buy tickets to his show because his entire routine is on YouTube. Or those who won't buy his albums because they illegally downloaded it.

How much does he bench press? This interview is for Muscle and Fitness magazine, right?

Hal said...

Here's what I'd like to know:

Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

Is there anyone who is off limits as far as your comedy goes?

What's the one thing you never go on the road without?

Naomi said...

Again, great questions. I can tell that both of you are dudes. Ha!

Jeremy said...

One more: What is the deal with airline food? I mean c'mon!

Is this thing on?