Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh no, Papa, you're out of control!

I came home from tennis tonight to this.

Her tail is on the spout of my water bottle.

She removed the cap from the popcorn jar neatly. But she chewed the opening of the jar shut.

Yes, that’s a knife.

And a sponge, torn in three pieces.

Also, she pulled out the pen that keeps the door of her food bin closed. It does not appear that she opened the door and ate any food, though.

I'm leaving for L.A. Saturday morning. I am hoping we can get through the next week without incident. I am exhausted.


Bill Zuback said...

I'd threaten Papa with Boarding/Military School. Worked on my son years ago.

Naomi said...

I just might do that. I am convinced that she understands language (beyond basic commands, I mean).