Saturday, November 28, 2009

Secret foods

Alimentum recently posted their readers’ secret foods. Some, like microwaved cheese (which I’ve made accidentally) or frozen Snickers mixed with Cool Whip, sound sort of appealing. They’re like Doritos with sour cream: excessive yet satisfying.

Others, not so much. (I just can't get into sardines.)

I didn’t submit a secret food, but if I had, I’d probably have mentioned Red Lobster’s coconut shrimp and shrimp scampi, with rice pilaf on the side. And yes, I would've also included the cheese biscuits and the salad drowned in Caesar dressing. Because I eat those, too.


Bill Zuback said...

Spam Casserole. One of my favorites. But when you say Spam, people usually go ewww. Yumm!

Naomi said...

I'm trying to imagine that. "Ham frittata" seems less disturbing. :)

C-CARES said...

OK.......this is out of season, and it's not a food, it's a non alcoholic drink, but it is wonderful. Officially known as the "Red Stuff" it's a drink offering at The Flying Star Restaurants in Albuquerque. Everything about the Stars is great and affordable and no visitor to ABQ should miss them. The Red Stuff is, as best I can figure, a mix of cranberry juice, Red Zinger Tea, Mint Tea and ????????

Naomi said...

I've never been to Albuquerque, but that drink sounds really good. I like the name, too — "The Red Stuff" sounds very vague. Intriguingly so.