Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh no, Papa, not the bookmarks!

Papa's most recent naughtiness: pulling two bookmarks from books on the nightstand. She left the other book up there, sans bookmark.

Coincidentally — or maybe not — I happened upon these border collie horror stories. I take solace in the knowledge that Papa isn't as bad as Dylan, who broke into the shed, buried gardening shears, and cut her paw on them. Or Cody, who nipped kids in the butt. At least Papa's not endangering herself or others. I also don't think she's as crazy as Roscoe, who methodically pulled books from the shelves and shredded them.

Who she does remind me of, though, is the dog who would bump your elbow as you sipped hot tea: so rude, the both of them.

Sheesh, Papa!


Addie said...

Ah, I know the attention-seeking bump well. :)
My kitty, Begby, head-butts my hand whenever I pour dry food into his bowl. That usually makes me spill some extra onto the floor, which I'm pretty sure is the little porker's plan all along. Devious.

Bill Zuback said...

Maybe Papa is just doing these things for the stardom. She does seem to enjoy posing for the photo-op.

Naomi said...

Animals do such strange things for attention!