Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions 2009

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to an excellent 2009. I plan on it being a fulfilling year.

But first, a quick wrap-up of my 2008 resolutions:

1. Did not eat fruit every day. I may have eaten more fruit in '08 than '07, though. I'm not sure.

2. Did not develop a turnaround jumper. Unlike the fruit thing, I made no effort on this at all. Perhaps that's because Bonch got engaged and has been busier, and people are not exactly knocking down my door to teach me basic basketball skills.

3. Did not write a second book. I revisited the opportunity, then decided not to pursue it. Instead, I focused on my essay writing — with satisfying results.

4. Did successfully reconnect with many of my Greek friends. Including my freshman year college roommate, my first and last roommates at Gamma Phi Beta, my little sis, and the GPhiB house boy. Facebook is handy. Bonus: I also got in touch with some old friends from high school and grad school and my job at Tommy Nevin's.

Overall, I did not meet my resolutions. But I'm happy to say that #3 and #4 were the most meaningful to me, and I did a respectable job with each. (No, that's not an elaborate rationalization).

Now, on to 2009 resolutions. I started thinking about this, but haven't made any decisions yet.

Last year, even though I was busy, I enjoyed a quiet New Year's and was working on a vision board. Yesterday, I went to work, got a haircut, painted my bedroom, made cookies, and went to a party for five hours. (The party rocked, though I don't recommend playing competitive ping pong while drinking. I got woozy from constantly bending over to pick up the balls; they appeared to be getting smaller as the night wore on.) Today, I went to brunch and then had a tennis lesson and a couple hours of mixed doubles. All good things, but they made for a very active (read: non-contemplative) couple of days. Who's got time to make resolutions?

So I'll leave you with this: I'm setting three goals. One personal (relationship-related), one professional (publishing-related), and one about my daily life (a small thing I'll strive to do every day). Next year's check in won't be vague, though. I promise.

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