Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesdays with Lizzie

Yesterday I had lunch with Liz, my college roommate. Fifteen years ago, we lived in the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house. Those were heady times: we'd spend every Tuesday night at Raleigh's, collecting glasses etched with beer logos and eating cheese fries. I still have indestructible pint glasses that've survived cross-country moves.

Even though we lost touch in the post- grad-school and law-school years, Liz is one of those old friends who welcomes you back after a hiatus. This Tuesday, we reconnected at Rose's Cafe in Cow Hollow. Instead of cheese fries, we ordered a turkey, avocado, and cranberry sandwich and polenta with gorgonzola. We graduated (regressed?) from microbrews to raspberry soda and chamomile tea. It was a very grownup lunch: we talked about careers instead of classes, family as well as friends, and men rather than boys. But we still had time to cover the old standby: dumb college antics. Who knew that those Tuesday nights would provide fodder for lasting friendship? Cheers, Liz, and I'll see you in a year or two.

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