Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wauwatosa East, Class of 1988

I dreaded going to my 20-year reunion — Sarah and Katy, my closest friends from high school, weren't going. But my stylist met me at the salon on his day off to approve my outfit and do my hair and makeup (“very Zhang Ziyi,” he said), so I was pretty much committed.

Walking in was the hardest part. But I heard someone squeal "How arrrrrrrrrre you?!" and figured it wouldn't be too bad.

It was a blast. Imagine a party where everyone is thrilled to see you and hear how you’re doing. Lots of hugs, along with the usual “What do you do” and “Are you still in the area” –type questions. Occasionally I had to look at nametags (which also had our senior pictures on them), but most people looked the same. In a good way.

Okay, maybe there were more glasses and gray. And less hair (again, in a good way; hair was very large in the '80s).

Here are a few photos. I could tell you who everyone is, but that would spoil the fun. (You can click on the photos and read most of the nametags.) And Katy, do you recognize everyone in the third photo? All of us went to Jefferson (a 30-year grade-school reunion!).

I hope it won't be another decade before I see my classmates again. But I guess that's the beauty of Facebook; we can get updates almost hourly about each other's lives. Hope to see you all soon.


Jean said...

you look beautiful!!!

michelle said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Great styling, but fantastic raw material. ;) I'm glad you had a good time. I confess that I'm not that jazzed for my next reunion, but you give me hope. See you this weekend! I'll try to call you sooner than that. :)