Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh no, Papa! Not ALL of the garbage!

During the holidays, my routine changed, but Papa had handled it decently.

Except for one Saturday. I came home from a party to find plastic bags and wrapping paper and batteries and paper towels strewn all over the floor. What was missing: the fatty bits from the leftover roast I had eaten for dinner. At least Papa did not eat any of the TSP-soaked rags that I used to clean the walls before painting. And she didn't get sick.

I don't know why Papa did this. Boredom? Separation anxiety? Hunger?

I've been giving her a bit more food lately. And hoping that she does not come up with any new ways to make trouble in the house. Be cool, Papa.


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I know why...

Because Papa is a *dog* lol. My Misty will do that once in a blue moon, then cower for days on end! I do find it fascinating how they can find exactly what they want and leave all the yuck behind untouched. I need Misty to teach me that lol.

Have a good one,
Penny \IiiI
Texan Landed In Michigan

Naomi said...

Days on end? Wow, at least she feels contrite. :) Thanks, Penny.

calgphib said...

I like the way Papa's waiting at her dog bowl in the top picture as if nothing is wrong. Too Funny!