Sunday, October 26, 2008

A week of tennis

Tennis was on my mind last week. Often.

1. I heard that my essay will definitely run in the winter issue of Tennis View. Yay! This is my first non-jewelry byline, and I am really excited about it. I'll give you more details when the issue is out at the end of November.

2. I went to a party held for our summer tennis team. As you'd expect from any party, there was good food and good company. An unexpected bonus, too: each of us wrote (anonymously) what we thought the strongest part of each person's game was. This was an inspiring party activity — we got to express our appreciation for our teammates and we learned some surprising things about our game. Thanks especially to whoever complimented my "eye-of-the-tiger determination to win." Love that. Nice '80s flashback, too.

3. I played singles on Saturday. Sue is a fabulous player, and those long rallies and running around the court made for a nice nap afterward. I kid you not: two hours of tennis can really sap a person's energy.

This week won't have as much tennis, but it should be good anyway. Happy new week!

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Bill Zuback said...

Congratulations Naomi on your essay. Can't wait to read it.