Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh no, Papa! Not the couch!

It may be wishful thinking, my attempts to keep dogs off the couch.

When Ginger first lived with me, she respected the furniture. As she got older, though, she'd lounge wherever she pleased. (She did this when I was gone. Other acts of disobedience she committed in front of me.)

I tried different solutions. Like turning the couch cushions up. That worked but was unsightly. Then I put foil on the couch. That might have deterred her if she were a cat. Instead, I came home to wrinkled foil. So I put books and magazines on the couch. That was unsightly and I didn't like finding my books and magazines on the floor. After all my efforts, Ginger became fond of my favorite chair. By the way, the other side of that brown pillow used to be a patchwork of colorful metallic threads. She shredded those.

Still, I do what I can. I never allow Papa on the furniture. Even when she puts her front paws on the couch and stares at me. "No," I say. She seems to understand.

Alas, she gets on the couch when I'm gone. Oh no, Papa!

It is probably time for a new couch.

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